23 November 2023 | EQAF Paper

Impact of international accreditation on the internationalization strategy of Indonesian higher education institutions

Viktoria Dermanowski

A literature review shows that Indonesia is focusing on the internationalization of higher education with a concentration on academic aspects such as curricula, teaching methods and academic exchange. At the same time, there are still inhibiting factors that Indonesian HEIs face.

In the accreditation procedures according to the ESG, the international orientation of the programme/institution is addressed. Based on the FIBAA accreditation results in Indonesia and a recent FIBAA workshop with 300 participants from 77 Indonesian HEIs, the role of accreditation in the HEI’s internationalization process and its relevance and impact has become a topical issue.

The contributions during the workshop revealed that on the one hand, successful accreditation can be one of the goals of the HEI’s internationalization strategy. On the other hand, the impression emerged during the workshop that the HEIs anticipate that international accreditation can also contribute to or promote the achievement of its other internationalization goals.

In relation to the internationalization elements and inhibiting factors in Indonesian higher education presented in the literature review and the HEI’s anticipations revealed in the workshop, the author will conduct a survey to investigate the question of what impact international accreditation can have or has had on the internationalization strategy of Indonesian HEIs. As a target group, the author defined 100 Indonesian HEIs that have already received FIBAA accreditation or are interested in doing so.

This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

ISSN: 1375-3797

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