• Active learning encompasses a broad range of pedagogical approaches involving the learner in every step of the educational process, with the objective of stimulating ownership and critical thinking skills, among others. This paper is the result of the work carried out by the EUA Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Group on “Promoting active learning in universities”.

  • Evaluation of learning and teaching: Thematic Peer Group Report

    24 Jan 2019 Report Learning & Teaching, Quality Assurance

    The evaluation of learning and teaching is one central activity through which universities monitor the fitness-for-purpose of their education provision. This paper represents the outcomes of the work carried out by the EUA Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Group on “Evaluation of learning and teaching”.

  • Higher education stakeholders are increasingly aware of the need for systematic continuous professional development opportunities for university teachers. This report reflects the outcomes of the work of EUA’s Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Group on “Continuous development of teaching competences”.

  • Career paths in teaching: Thematic Peer Group Report

    14 Jan 2019 Report Learning & Teaching

    Attention to career paths in teaching and staff development, in order to enhance learning and teaching, has gained importance in the European policy arena in recent years. This paper is the result of the work carried out by the EUA Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Group on “Career paths in teaching”.

  • National Initiatives in Learning and Teaching in Europe

    03 Dec 2018 Report Bologna Process, Learning & Teaching

    In recent years, the enhancement of learning and teaching has become a priority, not only for higher education institutions, but also for national governments, the European Union and the Bologna Process. 

  • Trends 2018: Learning and teaching in the European Higher Education Area

    11 Oct 2018 Report Bologna Process, Learning & Teaching

    Trends 2018 examines how learning and teaching at European higher education institutions evolves in the context of changing demands, technological and societal development, and European- and national-level policies and reforms. This EUA flagship report gathers data from more than 300 higher education institutions in 42 European countries.

  • This report aims to provide the reader with an insight into the discussions and conclusions of the thematic peer groups with each chapter consisting of the summary of one thematic peer group presenting first the challenges identified, followed by recommendations on how to address them. The report by no means presents final answers to the issues discussed; rather, they aim to provide a basis for further debate. Readers are invited to reflect to what extent the groups’ recommendations apply to their own institutional contexts, which is hoped to provide impetus for further development of learning and teaching (L&T) in universities. This report is the first of the Learning & Teaching Paper series.

  • Trends 2015: Learning and Teaching in European Universities

    04 May 2015 Report Bologna Process, Learning & Teaching

    Trends 2015 is the seventh in the series of Trends reports published by the European University Association. The main goal of Trends 2015 is to document the universities’ perceptions of the changes that have taken place in European higher education in the past five years particularly in relation to learning and teaching.

  • E-Learning in European Higher Education Institutions

    17 Nov 2014 Report Learning & Teaching

    The present study on e-learning intends to contribute to closing a data gap and to stimulate the discussion on the further development of national and European policies on the issue and to support its systematic institutional take-up. It draws upon a survey conducted by the European University Association between October and December 2013.

  • MOOCs - A 2014 update

    11 Feb 2014 Report Learning & Teaching

    With the rapid development of MOOCs, EUA published an occasional paper in January 2013 on MOOCs for discussion at the EUA Council, and for information for EUA membership. The present paper aims to provide an update on these developments, particularly as they concern European higher education.

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