DEMOCRACY ALIVE: The European Democracy festival, 11-13 April, Texel

05 February 2019

For three days, in April 2019, the European Movement International is inviting you to a celebration of European democracy.

Within the context of the Alliance for Democracy, and in partnership with the European Parliament, the European Movement International is gathering decision-makers, organised civil society, business, trade unions, influencers, activists and, most importantly, citizens to take part in the leading European democracy festival in view of the European elections.

Inspired by the Nordic tradition of democracy festivals, DEMOCRACY ALIVE will encourage civic engagement and increase interest in European democracy. Bridging the gap between citizens and citizen representatives, and reinforcing trust and optimism in the European project, the festival is creating a space where citizens, stakeholders and elected representatives can come together and engage in dialogue on prosperity, the environment, opportunities for the young, employment, human rights and the rule of law.

DEMOCRACY ALIVE also seeks to energise citizens across Europe and greatly increase voter turnout in the 2019 elections by promoting #ThisTimeImVoting. At a challenging time for European cohesion, this festival is the chance to come together and prove that European ideals can reach beyond the corridors of Brussels and are relevant to every single European in our day-to-day lives.

DEMOCRACY ALIVE will be held on Groeneplaats, in the centre of Den Burg on the beautiful Dutch island of Texel. The main stage will host events in the afternoons and evenings primarily, and a number of satellite pavilions will be hosting other events throughout the day - discussions, debates, workshops, and more. Local food trucks and live music will also be present on the festival main square over the three days!

For more information, please visit the DEMOCRACY ALIVE website.

For more initiatives by European universities in the framework of the upcoming European Parliament elections, please visit our European Elections page.

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