Just published: Trends 2018 on learning and teaching in the European Higher Education Area

11 October 2018

EUA is pleased to present “Trends 2018: Learning and teaching in the European Higher Education Area”. This flagship report gathers data from more than 300 higher education institutions in 48 European countries. Trends 2018 examines how learning and teaching at European higher education institutions evolves in the context of changing demands, technological and societal development and European- and national-level policies and reforms.

“Learning and teaching is a core mission at Europe’s universities and it has become a central topic of discussion when looking towards the future of the European Higher Education Area,” said Lesley Wilson, EUA Secretary General. “Trends 2018 is a comprehensive report covering the various facets of this very important debate. It also highlights the many diverse and interesting experiences in learning and teaching across Europe.”

Divided into five chapters, the Trends 2018 report focuses on institutional learning and teaching strategies; national strategies; study programmes; teaching approaches, pedagogy and methodologies, as well as teaching staff.

With dozens of figures and tables, complemented by an in-depth analysis, Trends 2018 offers a wide mapping of the developments in learning and teaching across Europe. It also frames the discussion on this topic and why it is becoming ever more present at higher education institutions and in policy debates across Europe.

EUA’s Trends reports have been published since 1999, with the view to feeding an institutional perspective into European higher education policy discussions, improving exchange and networking among universities, and support for them. These reports are designed to present reliable, longitudinal information about how the European Higher Education and Research Areas are being developed. Over time, Trends has become a crucial source of information and reference for policy makers and the higher education community.

Findings from Trends 2018 were featured at the Bologna Process Ministerial Conference in Paris in 2018 and were highlighted in the resulting Bologna Process Implementation report.

The findings of the Trends 2018 report will also be discussed in the upcoming EUA European Learning & Teaching Forum, which will take place in February 2019.

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