Empowering university leaders to navigate complex challenges [Op-ed]

How can we foster the capacity of university leaders to effectively steer change and address new transformational priorities? Josep M. Garrell and Thomas Estermann reflect on the results of the NEWLEAD project.

European universities are facing a multitude of challenges, necessitating innovative and effective leadership. Today's university leaders must navigate major transformational issues, including the green and digital transition, evolving student and public expectations, and shifting labour market demands, not to forget multiple ongoing crises.

This article, in University World News, looks back on three years of the NEWLEAD (Innovative Leadership and Change Management in Higher Education) project’s work to empower university leaders across Europe, equipping them to address the complexities of this evolving landscape. The authors outline lessons learnt on developing leadership development programmes and look to the future of this important topic, highlighting the importance of a strategic and holistic approach.

The full article is available on University World News: Empowering university leaders to navigate complex challenges.

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Josep M. Garrell

Josep M. Garrell is President of the European University Association.



Thomas Estermann

Thomas Estermann is Director for Governance, Funding and Public Policy Development with responsibilities for EUA’s work aimed at strengthening universities’ autonomy, governance, management and their financial sustainability.


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