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“Expert Voices” is an online platform featuring original commentary and analysis on the higher education and research sector in Europe. It offers EUA experts, members and partners the opportunity to share their expertise and perspectives in an interactive and flexible exchange on key topics in the field.

All views expressed in these articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of EUA.

  • 06 Sep 2019
    University efficiency: What’s on the horizon for research managers? | Thomas Estermann, EUA | Veronika Kupriyanova, EUA Efficiency is an important topic for all research universities with great potential to liberate resources for R&D and innovation. EUA’s Thomas Estermann and Veronika Kupriyanova discuss the USTREAM project and the collective role that institutional actors and research managers should play in mobilising efficiency efforts. Read more
  • 07 Apr 2019
    Enabling frameworks: What universities need in the age of open innovation | Thomas Jorgensen, EUA | Thomas Estermann, EUA Innovation is increasingly important for universities – as it is for society. Universities are one of the strands of the so-called “triple helix”, providing impactful research to sustain competitiveness and develop their mission of service to society. While the basic assumption is right – universities are key to innovation – it is central to have framework conditions that are fit to support innovation. This article was first published on University World News. Read more
  • 18 Oct 2018
    Finding opportunities in the push for efficiency | Thomas Estermann, EUA Thomas Estermann from the European University Association examines the university efficiency debate, explaining that behind the push to save money there is actually much more, including a silver lining. This editorial was first published on Times Higher Education on 17 October 2018. Read more
  • 18 Jan 2018
    Europe needs more money for research, here’s where to get it | Thomas Estermann, EUA The lack of funding needed to achieve Europe’s widely advertised ambitions for global excellence in research and innovation should be addressed in discussing Horizon 2020’s successor. Understanding the challenge and where the money could realistically come from is key, writes Thomas Estermann. This article was first published on Euractiv on 18 January 2018. Read more
  • 07 Apr 2017
    Why university autonomy matters more than ever | Thomas Estermann, EUA The implications of the political, economic and societal landscape in Europe are becoming ever more complex for Europe’s universities. The Old Continent faces prolonged financial and economic crises, the impact of new technologies on society and labour markets, rising populism, weakening solidarity and pressure on some of its most important values – all of which affect the ability of the higher education and research sectors in fulfilling their missions. This article was first published on University World News on 7 April 2017. Read more


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