Call for participation in benchmarking institutional financial performance

14 November 2022

EUA member University of Primorska (Slovenia) is seeking interested parties to form a consortium and a project team with the aim to undergo a benchmarking process in the area of institution financial performance.

The goal is to better understand and quantify the need for investment to improve underperforming areas of the university, where the institution may need to realign its resources, to address imbalances throughout the university and if there may be a need for consolidation of costs as well as to enable investments in other areas.

The institution is looking for partner universities pursuing the same goal of financial improvement to exchange on their expertise and knowledge by undergoing a benchmarking exercise.

Potential areas of financial performance that the institution would like to address in a benchmark exercise (one or more options):

Financial ratios: Operating result, diversity of revenue, liquidity, external debt, quick ratio, academic salaries expenditure trends.

Commercialisation: Patents & Licenses, Private companies, Consultancies.

Physical assets: Strategic Asset Management; recurrent maintenance funding; facilities maintenance backlog

Space utilization: Space management; central teaching space usage and effectiveness.

Equipment: Large equipment utilization.

Information technology and telecommunications infrastructure.

The University of Primorska data profile can be found on the university’s website. Please find the detailed call here.

Should you be interested, please contact

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