Transnational cooperation: Survey on institutionalised cooperation instruments

20 October 2022

The European Commission (DG DG Education, Youth, Sport, and Culture) is currently exploring the necessity and feasibility of institutionalised cooperation instruments, such as a possible European legal statute for university alliances.

In this context DG EAC has commissioned a study which is undertaken by the Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services (CSES). As part of the study, CSES is currently conducting a survey on the topic to find out about the needs of higher education institutions working in transnational university alliances. The survey is open to all higher education institutions with experience in transnational cooperation, whether they are part of an alliance under the European Universities Initiative or not. The deadline to submit responses is 7 November 2022. The study will feed into policy-making at EU level, respecting institutional autonomy and the competences of Member States in the field of education and research.

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