Launch of United Nations Environment Programme’s toolkit on pro-environmental youth engagement

10 October 2022

On 21 October, UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme, will be launching a toolkit aiming to empower and inform youth, students and young adults living in Europe on how to engage and lead pro-environmental change.

The Toolkit on Pro-Environmental Youth Engagement was created by youth for youth providing hands on guidance on how to take sustainable action and engage in eco-friendly behaviour on four different levels: an individual, local & national, international and (social-media) communication level. The toolkit was developed by young authors under the Youth Empowerment and Training Initiatives (YETI) in Europe by UNEP-EU’s Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Multilateral Environmental Agreements 3 Programme (ACP MEAs 3), coinciding with 2022 being declared as the European Year of Youth.

Find out more about the event and about the toolkit.

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