Learning lessons from FAIR data implementation. Good practices from universities across Europe

15 September 2021

As part of the FAIRsFAIr project and in the framework of the Open Science Fair 2021 , EUA will organise the workshop "Learning lessons from FAIR data implementation. Good practices from universities across Europe", on Monday 20 September, at 16.30 CEST.

Diverse initiatives are being developed and implemented by universities across Europe to foster the uptake of the research data management (RDM) and FAIR data skills necessary to bring forward the transition to Open Science. Lessons can be learned from bringing together their experience in different legal, organisational and cultural contexts, providing inspiration and points for reflection for other universities transitioning to Open Science.

The workshop will discuss with participants the analysis of good practices of universities across Europe that are being gathered by the FAIRsFAIR project. Preliminary results from this ongoing study will be presented, highlighting the drivers, impact and implementation steps behind the initiatives taken by institutions to integrate RDM and FAIR data skills in university curricula. The shift towards hybrid models of teaching data-related skills is also addressed in the analysis, showing how the COVID-19 pandemic created not only challenges but also surprising opportunities for the implementation of Open Science practices in universities.

Findings will include information on legal, organisational and cultural differences between regional and national systems in Europe, which will allow to contextualise university initiatives. Comments and feedback from participants beyond Europe will be welcomed and will further improve the cross-border exchange of good practices.

The workshop will be of interest to RDM and FAIR teachers, trainers and practitioners, as well as European and national policy makers. Participants will be invited to reflect on their own institutional experiences in an engaging and interactive way, through breakout rooms and a digital workspace set in Mural.

The registration link for the session is freely available.


  • Welcome and introduction of the FAIRsFAIR project
    • Bregt Saenen, FAIRsFAIR and European University Association
  • Learning lessons from FAIR data implementation: first findings from the report “Good practices in FAIR competence education”
    • Federica Garbuglia, FAIRsFAIR and European University Association
  • FAIRsFAIR Data Steward instructor training series: our approach and some observations
    • Elizabeth Newbold, FAIRsFAIR and Science and Technology Facilities Council
  • Implementation stories on data stewardship models
    • Joy Davidson, FAIRsFAIR and University of Glasgow
  • Supporting the implementation of FAIR data skills in university teaching
    • 3 breakout rooms on sharing best practices for universities
  • Wrap up
    • Bregt Saenen, FAIRsFAIR and European University Association
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