POLITICO’s EU Studies & Career Fair, 4 – 5 February 2021

16 December 2020

POLITICO’s EU Studies & Career Fair is the annual meeting place for universities and organisations to engage with international students and young professionals looking for a future in EU affairs, international relations, political sciences, business, economics, public policy, public affairs and law.

The EU Studies & Career Fair will take place on 4-5 February 2021 and will feature an open-door digital experience. Through the use of interactive activities, online webinars, chats, and one-to-one virtual meetings, academic institutions will have the chance to directly connect with top level international students seeking to become tomorrow’s European leaders.

The Fair will provide an interactive experience via POLITICO’s multifunctional platform, which is purposely designed to engage with visitors through pushed notifications, message postings, one-to-one live calls, chat facilities and much more.

The College of Europe, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Maastricht University, the Johns Hopkins University, Leiden University and many others are among those already signed up.

Interested exhibitors should contact POLTICO's EU studies fair to secure a spot in the fair, as the number of spaces is limited. The deadline for attendees to register is 8 January 2021.
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