cOAlition S presents a new “Rights Retention Strategy” to safeguard researchers’ intellectual ownership rights

16 July 2020

cOAlition S has released a Rights Retention Strategy that details under which conditions authors supported by Plan S funders are expected to share articles via self archiving in repositories, one of the three routes of Plan S.

The strategy specifies the exact conditions for this route. As announced, cOAlition S Organisations will facilitate this by changing their grant conditions to require that a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC BY) is applied to all Author Accepted Manuscripts (AAMs) or Versions of Record (VoR) reporting original research, supported in whole or in part by their funding.

EUA welcomes the release of the Rights Retention Strategy by cOAlition S. Copyright retention of authors as well as self-archiving in repositories are important mechanisms to achieve full open access supported by EUA.

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