RfII statement “Designing Trusted Intermediaries for Data Exchange”

18 June 2020

The German Council for Scientific Information Infrastructures (RfII) published in April 2020 a White Paper entitled “Designing Trusted Intermediaries for Data Exchange” to contribute the perspective of the scientific sector to the on-going national and international deliberations to the issue of “data trusteeships”.

RfII recommendations serve both to inform the debate and to support the development and communication of German positions in the wider international arena. In line with its mandate, the council has set up a working group to examine issues related to the establishment of trusted intermediaries to build confidence in the exchange of digital data in today’s society: Datentreuhandstellen (data trustee agencies).

In the statement the council offers initial recommendations on how experiences and examples from within the scientific system could aid the current debate and policy formulation.

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