European Parliament: Call for tender - framework contract to provide monetary policy expertise

27 August 2019

The European Parliament has launched a call for tender for up to 10 individual framework service contracts for a maximum duration of 4 years, for the provision of independent expert advice in the field of monetary policy.

The expertise sought in the form of briefing papers and oral presentations is intended to provide informed advice to the Members of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) in the context of the Monetary Dialogue. Since the establishment of the Economic and Monetary Union, the Monetary Dialogue is a key scrutiny activity of the European Parliament on European Central Bank (ECB) monetary policy. It takes the form of a quarterly exchange of views between ECON and the ECB President.

The deadline to submit offers is 1 October 2019.

Further information, in all EU languages, is available at the European Parliament’s website with the reference IP/A/ECONMD/FWC/2020-002 as well as in the Official Journal of the European Union, 9 August 2019, Ref: 2019/S 153-375826.

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