HUMANE Annual Conference, 14-15 June, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

16 May 2019

Conference theme: Supporting and creating impact: new challenges and opportunities for research and innovation management.

Research and innovation management has become so much more complicated, and interesting, with the advent of the impact agenda. The idea of impact might be understood using different terms, pursued with differences in emphasis and at different speeds, and influenced by country-specific policy dilemmas. But impact or social and economic contribution, is a hot topic debated by funders and policy makers across Europe.

Why Attend?
As these developments are international in character, it is crucial to remain informed of these global trends and developments.

But also, what’s happening about the impact of impact on institutional research management and support operations?  What are the new skills and capabilities that are needed?

And what are the new forms and style of leadership needed to manage cross-functional support in areas such as public engagement? What about developments in ICT, data management, capture and reporting?

Our conference is also a great networking opportunity, taking place in mid-summer in the historic surroundings of our host institution, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

Who should attend?
Heads of administration and management and their equivalent; directors of research management, communications, external affairs and public affairs, strategy, and information systems and data management, will all benefit from attendance at the conference.

Key programme themes
International policy trends and future directions in impact/social and economic contribution; implications for research and innovation strategy management and governance; the impact of impact on research management organisation, skills and capabilities; managing institutional impact, alongside research and innovation impact. See the programme.

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