ESOF2020 EuroScience Open Forum, 5-9 July 2020, Trieste

23 April 2019


The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a biennial, interdisciplinary, pan-European, general science meeting and debate, which aims to:

  • Showcase the latest advances in the natural and social sciences.
  • Promote dialogue on the role of science and technology in society and policy.
  • Stimulate public interest and engagement on innovation, science and technology.
  • Connect the European science community with global partners and perspectives.

ESOF 2020 (5-9 July 2020) will take place in north-eastern Italy, in the area of the old Harbour of Trieste, which originated in Roman times and was further developed during the Austro-Hungarian empire, thereby creating a hub for the free exchange of ideas alongside the commercial port. ESOF is inclusive of all disciplines. Sessions will focus on current and future ground-breaking science. In this document, and in ESOF, the word science is understood to encompass natural and social sciences as well as engineering, medicine, the arts and humanities.

The deadline for all session proposals is 15 June 2019 at 23.59 CET.

More information on the themes and the Call for proposals for each Programme can be found on the event website.

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