Open Education Global Conference 2019, 26-28 November, Milan

15 April 2019

The Open Education Global Conference enables visionaries, researchers and practitioners from all over the world to discuss, collaborate, innovate and celebrate openness in education.

With substantial experience in teaching innovation and MOOCs, Politecnico di Milano embarks on the 2019 edition of the Open Education Global Conference to strengthen its commitment to open learning. The theme, Open Education for an Open Future, aims to emphasize opportunities offered by Open Education as a means to empowerment and to increase accessibility and quality of educational opportunities for all. Under this theme, the Conference serves as a platform to imagine scenarios and discuss strategies to help safeguard an Open Future.

Open Boundaries: our world is increasingly being characterized by divisions and the building of imaginary walls. Open education and open resources play a critical role in ensuring that the doors to learning and educational opportunities remain open, and supports the open sharing of ideas, projects and educational content.

Open Opportunities: increasingly, people around the world are marginalized or at risk of being marginalized because they lack the opportunities and skills required by new job market scenarios. This is true both at local and global levels. Open education can actively contribute to expand opportunities for individuals who want to build their future on a set of skills which can be acquired through Open Educational Resources (OER).

The call for proposals is open until 1 May. For more information, please visit the conference website.

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