"Europe for what?", 12 March, Granada University

11 March 2019

The Vice-rectorate of Students of the Granada University, together with the European Parliament and the European Commission organizes the event "Europe for what?", in the framework of the This Time I'm Voting campaign.

The objective of this event pivots on three fundamental axes: 

  • Raising awareness among society in general and youth in particular about the importance of the European project, reflecting on the benefits of it, and knowing how to identify the inefficiencies of the system.
  • Strengthen knowledge of democratic institutions and public decision-making processes.
  • To know how European policies and institutions affect the university and what Europe does for it.

Registration for this event is completely free. To access the room, priority will be given to people registered for the event. Those people who have not registered, may access the room, as long as there is availability of capacity. 

More information can be found on the event website.

For more initiatives by European universities in the framework of the upcoming European Parliament elections, please visit our European Elections page.

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