Survey on the organization of doctoral studies and doctoral ERASMUS+ mobility in Europe

11 March 2019

DocMob is a 2 year Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project. By means of transnational meetings, surveys at European level and field research, the project's intellectual outputs are the adoption of standard tools for managing Erasmus+ mobility at doctoral level and the sharing of good practices between EU Higher Education Institutions that will lead to the publication of a guide on how to handle and improve doctoral ERASMUS+ mobility.

The following survey is part of the Doc Mob Project. It is spread all over Europe in the beginning of the project to participate in the sharing of good practices concerning the organization of studies and Erasmus+ mobility at doctoral level. This survey will help the project partners identify the different ways in which doctoral studies and doctoral international mobility are organized throughout Europe and how it affects Erasmus+ PhD students' mobility. Taking into account these variations will help organize Erasmus+ doctoral mobility on a larger scale in the future as long as we build and use appropriate Erasmus+ tools specifically shaped for PhD students.

The survey is available online. You can also download a PDF version.

For any question or remark related to this questionnaire, please contact the International Office of Université de Lorraine at

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