Interim report - Study: Curriculum guidelines for Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)

26 February 2019

The Interim Report “Curriculum Guidelines for Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)” (2018-2019) has been prepared in the framework of a new two-year European initiative aiming at increasing the quality and relevance of existing curricula.

The initiative is coordinated by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME) and the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) of the European Commission.The work is carried out by PwC.

The Interim Report contains preliminary findings and conclusions elaborated during the first phase (January-November 2018) and is made public for stakeholder consultation, and specifically for collecting feedback and additional inputs that can be used in the second phase. The latter will focus on documenting best practices, engaging a broader ecosystem of stakeholders, designing European curriculum guidelines, and formulating recommendations. The Final Report, to be delivered at the end of the second phase, is scheduled to be released end of 2019/beginning of 2020.

Your feedback and additional inputs for this initiative would be highly appreciated. Please send your inputs to Dr. Kristina Dervojeda (project manager of the Curriculum Guidelines initiative).

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