Selection Process for Directors of University Departments and Polytechnic Schools of the University of Aveiro, Portugal

25 February 2019

The University of Aveiro, Portugal, has launched a call for applications for the positions for the Directors of the following teaching and research units:

  • Medical Sciences
  • Communication and Art
  • Education and Psychology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Geosciences
  • School of Design, Management and Production Technology
  • Health School
  • Águeda School of Technology and Management
  • Institute of Accounting and Administration

The respective announcements and other relevant documentation are available on the university website.

Applications will be accepted in Portuguese or English and should be submitted from 29 March to 07 May 2019 and from 01 April to 08 May 2019. Please note that candidatures received after these dates will not be accepted.

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