Joint Research Centre Pilot project "Science meets Parliaments/Science meets Regions"

01 February 2019

The Joint Research Centre (JRC)  Pilot project: "Science meets Parliaments/Science meets Regions" aims to ensure that policy development is informed by the best scientific advice possible, not only at EU level, but also at national, regional and local levels.

Regions and cities are a key partner in the implementation of European legislation, policies and financial instruments. About 70% of EU legislation and 80% of EU funds are implemented at subnational level, giving European regions and cities the power to act as catalysts of change and enablers of citizens' involvement. Therefore, the European Parliament decided to fund a pilot project "Science meets parliaments/science meets regions" (SmP/SmR" in 2018 to expand the scope of the initiative to more European countries and regions.  The JRC will help organisers to design the event, offer scientific expertise, identify contributors both from its own ranks and from the scientific community at large, and promote the events through its communication channels.

"Science meets parliaments/science meets regions" will go to European Union countries and regions to:

  • bring scientists and policymakers together.
  • encourage mutual understanding.
  • discuss a locally relevant policy issue using scientific evidence;.
  • bring science closer to citizens;
  • increase people's trust in science by showing its key contributions to society.

23 events across Europe were selected. They will each deal with a policy topic of specific interest to the country or region concerned. Policy makers will meet scientists to discuss the issues at hand, and the general public will also be invited. The aim is to promote a culture of evidence-based policymaking across Europe, and to reach out to EU member states, regions and cities.

You can find an overview of the events on the project page.

For more information please visit the project webpage, or contact

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