Fill in the VIRT2UE questionnaire on ethics and research integrity teaching

12 December 2018

Virtue based ethics and Integrity of Research (VIRT2UE): Train-The-Trainer program for Upholding the principles and practices of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity is collecting information on the existing Research Integrity training practices from several universities and research institutions.

VIRT2UE aims to collect as much information as possible about research integrity training practices and to map all the educational material existing concerning topics related to research integrity. To achieve this objective, the project is looking for all those materials used by commercial and non-commercial organizations in their training programmes. The information and the educational materials collected will allow VIRT2UE to develop and to deliver a blended learning approach, using as starting point existing training practices and material.

VIRT2UE aims to develop a sustainable train-the-trainer learning programme enabling contextualized research integrity teaching across Europe, focusing on understanding and upholding the principles and practices of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (ECoC). The training programme will be delivered using a blended learning approach, combining online and face-to-face training. This innovative blended learning programme will provide a toolbox of educational resources based on existing Research Integrity education resources and incorporates an eLearning course with face-to-face sessions. VIRT2UE’s online component will be delivered through the EC funded platform currently being developed in the EnTIRE project (nr. 741782).

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