Future teacher? Be classroom-ready!

13 November 2018


Are you studying to be a teacher and want to experiment, as part of your training, with some innovative uses of ICT to encourage active and collaborative learning when you start teaching? By joining the ITELab online course “The networked teacher – teaching in the 21st century” you will connect with your peers from across Europe, and together, learn and get ready for your first classroom experience.



This short, practical course for future teachers is certified, online and free. The course starts on 25 February 2019. You will hear from experts and peers, and pick up easy to use practical suggestions. Through the course, you will start to build your own personal learning network of future teachers, like you, for mutual support and ongoing professional development. It can also make your first teaching post application stand out.

Download the course syllabus, course leaflet and register.

Note for universities: universities training future teachers are welcome to join the ITELab Spring 2019 pilots and forum discussions. Learn more about the ITELab pilots.

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