Feedback survey on tool to recognize micro-credentials

09 February 2024

Even though the rise of micro-credentials is seen as an important development in education, learners often struggle to get them recognised. That is why Nuffic, the Dutch organization for internationalisation in education, developed ‘the Micro-Evaluator’, an open, online tool to help recognition professionals to effectively evaluate the quality of any micro-credential.

Now, as part of the AR25 project, the consortium – which includes EUA – aims to further improve the Micro-Evaluator. The Automatic Recognition in the European Education Area 2025 (AR25) project generally aims to support the creation of the European Education Area by 2025.

If your work is related to the recognition of qualifications or the admission of students, and you are you interested in the recognition of micro-credentials, then please fill in this survey on the usage of the Micro-Evaluator (about 10 min).

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