DIAMAS project launches open consultation to refine the Extensible Quality Standard in Institutional Publishing (EQSIP)

15 January 2024

One of the key initiatives within the DIAMAS project is the development of the Extensible Quality Standard in Institutional Publishing (EQSIP). The project is happy to announce that the new version of EQSIP is nearing completion, set to be finalised in the coming weeks.

The EQSIP has evolved through two significant stages. Its initial iteration, the Extensible Quality Standard in Institutional Publishing (EQSIP) V1.0, was crafted in April 2023. This first version was assembled based on the IPSP Best Practices: an integration of quality evaluation criteria, best practices, and assessment systems tailored for Institutional Publishing Service Providers. This involved an exhaustive analysis of existing standards, evaluation criteria, guidelines, and recommendations considered pertinent to institutional publishing. A GAP analysis between EQSIP V1.0 and current institutional publishing practices was conducted.

To ensure the robustness of the forthcoming second version, the DIAMAS project is now launching an open consultation to engage and hear the voice of the research community.

If you are interested in providing your feedback, you can engage in the following way:

  • by accessing the document here and sharing your insights and feedback via email at the designated address ( or,
  • by completing the questionnaire available here.

The public consultation will remain open until 21 January. We encourage you all to seize this opportunity to join the co-creation of one of the key outputs of the DIAMAS initiative.

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