Lijst Bèta's Advocacy for student interests and inclusivity at Delft University of Technology

18 December 2023

Lijst Bèta, the representative student association at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, is seeking support for extending its impactful efforts to the (inter)national level.

Lijst Bèta works with the executive board of the university, representing student interests in its thematic pillars of Education, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), Student Well-being, and Sustainability. Over the years, it has stood strong for many ambitions in line with its pillars, from enabling students to opt for broadening courses during their minors to securing a grant to fund progressive D&I events and grassroots initiatives.

Presently, the association is investigating ways to extend its efforts to the (inter)national level, but more pressingly, it is in search of funding. Lijst Bèta would be immensely grateful for any help, including referrals or recommendations.

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