Free to Think 2023 report by Scholars At Risk

07 November 2023

Scholars at Risk (SAR) announces the release of Free To Think 2023, a report analysing 409 attacks on the higher education community in 66 countries and territories, between 1 July 2022, and 30 June 2023.

The report highlights how attacks on academic freedom threaten democratic society and social progress more broadly and calls on stakeholders to create robust protections for scholars, students, and higher education institutions.

The report is the ninth edition of SAR’s Free to Think series and a product of the Academic Freedom Monitoring Project, which identifies and tracks attacks against the higher education community.

You can access the report directly on SAR’s website.

For questions about the report and requests for comment, please write to SAR’s Advocacy Assistant, Ayodele Abinusawa at

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