Extended deadline for survey gathering examples of micro-credentials

19 July 2023

Representatives of higher education institutions in countries that are a member of the Thematic Peer Group B on the Lisbon Recognition Convention are invited to fill in a survey gathering real-life examples of micro-credentials, which will feed into published guidelines on the design, issuing and recognition of micro-credentials.

The survey and subsequent publication are conducted through the TPG-LRC CoRE project (“Thematic Peer Group on the implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention in EHEA countries – Constructing recognition in the EHEA”).

The survey has two aims:

  1. Identify relevant elements and aspects of a micro-credential, so as to help highlight their diversity.
  2. Gather input on current approaches and existing challenges when designing, issuing or recognising a micro-credential.

The survey questionnaire also addresses separately the two main ways in which institutions act with regard to micro-credentials: 

  1. Their design and issuing in Part I.
  2. Their recognition in Part II.

Respondents may fill in only one of these two parts, or both.

The deadline to respond to the survey is extended to 15 September.

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