Have your say on Erasmus+: EUA is consulting higher education institutions

23 November 2022

EUA has launched a survey to capture the experience of the European higher education sector with the Erasmus+ programme 2021-27. The results will notably feed into the Association’s contribution to the European Commission’s interim evaluation of the programme.

The survey provides an opportunity to all higher education institutions from Erasmus+ programme and associated countries to share their views and experiences. It addresses the programme’s objectives, day-to-day management and implementation of grants and projects, financial and strategic aspects and specific issues and challenges that institutions and participants may face.  

EUA will publish the findings of the survey and resulting recommendations in spring/summer 2023 as a contribution to the public and stakeholder consultations of the ongoing EC interim evaluation of Erasmus+ 2021-27. The EC has already collected some preliminary feedback in autumn 2022. You can view EUA’s contribution to this call for evidence here.

The feedback of your institution about Erasmus+ is extremely important to us.  There should be only one response per institution, preferably from higher education staff that directly deal with the implementation of the programme, for example within international offices and departments or the offices of Vice-Rectors responsible for international affairs. 

The survey is open until 31 January and should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. A survey preview is available online.

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