Survey on copyright for Open Access at research institutions across Europe

04 November 2022

Project Retain is a one-year project led by SPARC Europe as part of The Knowledge Rights 21 (KR21) Programme, which aims to promote change in European copyright law, in this case, to support Open Access. As part of Project Retain, SPARC Europe is conducting a survey on the topic of copyright for Open Access at research institutions.

The survey takes 10 minutes to complete and the extended deadline to complete the survey is 28 November, 14:00 CET. You can read the full PDF version of the survey here.

The survey asks about the following topics:

  • Copyright of research publications - how intellectual property that protects original works of authorship applies to the written outputs of research. Specifically:
    • Whether the initial ownership of copyright is with authors or their employing organisation
    • What rights are transferred from authors to publisher.
  • Author rights retention - the extent to which researchers retain rather than transferring control of their published research.
  • Open licensing - the promotion of licenses which grant permission to access, re-use and redistribute.
  • Reuse of research publications - ensuring that the written outputs of research can be reused, by the community as a whole but also by the original author in new contexts.

For any questions, please contact Vanessa Proudman.

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