Rethinking Learning and Teaching Spaces - physical, virtual, seamless?

17 October 2022

The conference on “Rethinking Learning and Teaching Spaces – physical, virtual, seamless?” will be hosted in person at WU Vienna on 17-18 November (lunch to lunch).

Addressing university representatives, European policy makers, representatives of national ministries and other stakeholder in higher education, the event will focus on the question of how physical and virtual teaching and learning spaces can be meaningfully combined from a didactic-architectural perspective to enable seamless learning. The aim is to develop policies to enable a future-oriented design of teaching and learning spaces at higher education institutions. As part of this event, the new Future Learning Experience Center will also be presented to an interested public.

The conference will feature a combination of presentations, workshops and panel discussions and focus on the following thematic streams:

  • physical spaces: innovative didactic architecture, principles for learning and teachings space
  • virtual L&T spaces: immersive learning, augmented reality, virtual campus
  • FLEX: new learning experiences, interweaving physical and virtual learning and teaching environments

Invited speakers and panellists include, among others, Bernadette Dilger (Director, University of St. Gallen), Raphael Zender (Chair of Didactics of Computer Science, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Ursula Spannberger (Architect, Austria).

For more information and registration, please visit the conference webpage.

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