“EU funding for universities” campaign mobilises members across Europe for ambitious funding for higher education exchange and cooperation

12 April 2018

Universities and national rectors’ conferences join their voices to argue for a renewed funding commitment to research and education at the European level. 

Across Europe, many universities and university associations are addressing policy makers and society at large about the need to match funding with the scale of challenges to be tackled in the post-2020 period. Editorials, speeches and official letters are spreading through traditional and social media.

EUA coordinates and sustains these efforts by releasing further supporting material such as “Reasons to step up EU investment in higher education exchange and cooperation” in the realm of the Erasmus+ programme, as well as the previously released “Reasons to step up EU investment in research and innovation”.

The material, available as a digital poster and a postcard series, highlights why higher education is a smart investment for Europe. In light of the previous success of Erasmus+ and its clear added value, investment needs to be stepped up. Indeed, there is talk, but not yet confirmation, that the budget beyond 2020 will be doubled; but there are also new ambitions for the next programme generation, such as the European University Networks, increased funding for school and VET education, etc. Therefore, even if the post-2020 funding will be increased, there is no guarantee that success rates of currently already oversubscribed programme actions will be improved.  

The postcards and material also underline both the international openness and the inclusive nature of the Erasmus+ programme, and the need to further reinforce collaboration between all educational levels and sectors. EUA invites you to use these freely in the context of your own activities.

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