LOTUS Policy Dialogue Workshop on Leading Digitalisation

05 April 2022

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna) in cooperation with the European University Association invites you to the LOTUS Policy Dialogue Workshop on Leading Digitalisation in Higher Education from 16 – 17 May (lunch to lunch).

Addressing university representatives, European policy makers, representatives of national ministries and other stakeholders in higher education, the event will focus on how strategy building and policymaking can help us shape digitalisation in higher education learning and teaching within the next decade.

The event will feature a combination of presentations, workshops and panel discussions and focus on the following thematic streams:

  • new learner requirements: individualised/flexible study paths and micro credentials
  • new technologies: immersive learning, augmented reality and learning analytics
  • new assessment forms: online – hybrid – onsite.

Registration is free of charge. Prior registration is required.

The early registration deadline is 20 April 2022.
The overall deadline for registration is 08 May 2022.

For the latest information on the programme, registration and more, visit the WU Vienna website.

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