EUA-CDE launches “The Doctoral Debate”

30 March 2018

The EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE) is pleased to announce the launch of “The Doctoral Debate” – an online platform offering commentary and analysis on doctoral education in Europe. Written by academic leaders and experts in the field, “The Doctoral Debate” will showcase the work of EUA-CDE members and partners.

Every month readers will find new contributions that focus on trending topics in doctoral education and that cover a wide range of angles including state of the art policies and practices. On the occasion of the launch, Alexander Hasgall, Head of EUA-CDE, offers a word of welcome. Readers will also find articles on a variety of topics such as autonomous universities taking up European doctoral education trends, protection for whistle blowers and the scientists they accuse and an inter-university doctoral training network of five Belgian universities.

We invite you to visit “The Doctoral Debate” regularly to find new pieces on a wide range of topics related to doctoral education. And, if you are interested in pitching your own article, please consult The Doctoral Debate style guide for authors and contact us at

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