SPARC Europe is now facilitating the European OS policymaker group CoNOSC

20 October 2021

SPARC Europe announced that they are going to support the Council for National Open Science Coordination (CoNOSC) in their activities advancing national European Open Science policies.

Open to all countries within the European Research Area, CoNOSC is helping them create, update and coordinate their national open science policies by providing useful insights from the network.

SPARC Europe and the CoNOSC group plan to work together at least until the end of 2022. They will investigate the needs of today’s national Open Science (OS) policymakers and organise strategic OS policy meetings, reuniting key-figures in the field, to determine priorities for the coming year. They also want to encourage discussions around vital OS policy subjects and showcase policy developments and outcomes aiming to help resolve common challenges and stimulate synergies. Finally, SPARC Europe stated that they will be involved in building and expanding the CoNOSC network.

To read the official announcement, please visit SPARC Europe’s website.

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