First in-depth report on open access diamond journals

13 April 2021

cOAlition S commissioned the report “OA Diamond Journals Study. Part 1: Findings”, on open access (OA) diamond journals: namely free to readers and authors. It is the first study of its kind.

The report, funded by Science Europe, is the culmination of work undertaken from June 2020 to February 2021 by a consortium of 10 organisations: OPERASSPARC EuropeUtrecht UniversityDOAJUiT The Arctic University of NorwayLIBEROASPAENRESSHRedalyc-AmeliCA, and CSI.

The findings and recommendations point to clearly defined areas where research funding organisations, institutions, scholarly societies and infrastructures can help OA diamond thrive in the future. It focuses on areas to strengthen and sustain OA diamond journals and the ecosystem in which OA diamond journals operate and aim to assist these journals in complying with Plan S.

Authors separately published a set of recommendations and additional materials that they have shared with the community for further research and reuse: the study dataset, the references library, and the crowdsourced Journals Inventory.

A 2-page summary of the report’s main takeaways is also available. 

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