Quality assurance: E4 Group publishes statement stressing relevance of ESG

27 August 2020

The E4 Group (ENQA, EUA, EURASHE and ESU) has issued a joint statement reinforcing the relevance of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). The statement, “The ESG in the changing landscape of higher education”, reinforces the purpose and focus of quality assurance and the ESG.

Higher education provision has undergone major changes in recent years, and this has generated questions related to the relevance and applicability of the ESG, which establish the quality assurance framework for the European Higher Education Area. In addition, there have been calls for a revision of the ESG. The E4 Group issued the joint statement in response to this scenario.

In addition to the purpose and relevance, the publication also stresses how the ESG are used, as well as the distribution of roles in quality assurance. The statement also highlights that the ESG support innovation and diversity in higher education and that their flexible use and interpretation are vital.

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