FAIRsFAIR’s last call for European Group of FAIR Champions (EGFC)

07 July 2020

FAIRsFAIR - Fostering Fair Data Practices in Europe – calls for experts from all scientific communities around Europe to join their European Group of FAIR Champions (EGFC), a highly visible group of experts and inspired influencers engaged on making FAIR data in Europe a reality. The deadline for applications is 31 August 2020.

The EGFC is composed by scientific experts and “doers” in the field of FAIR data. Each EGFC member represents a different stakeholder group and provides advice on operational challenges and policies to improve the adoption of FAIR practices in different scientific communities in Europe.

Champions will have the opportunity to:

  • drive and influence the development of competencies and capacity around the uptake of FAIR data principles.
  • help shape the development and implementation of standards for data management within their own discipline based on new, international good practice sourced at FAIRSFAIR.
  • influence requirements in Europe to be fed directly to the EOSC governing boards.
  • introduce FAIR data management use cases for customisation in their community/ies.
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