EUA delegation attends G7 University Summit in Udine, Italy (29-30 June 2017)

29 June 2017

The G7 University Summit, part of a series of events organised in the context of Italy’s Presidency of the G7 group, took place in Udine, Italy, from 29-30 June.

Under the heading “University Education for All. Actions for a sustainable future”, the event provided higher education actors from the G7 countries – university leaders, students and other organisations active in the field – with an opportunity to exchange views on a set of issues regarding the future of higher education at a global level.

EUA was represented by President Professor Rolf Tarrach (former President, University of Luxembourg), Vice-President Professor Paul Boyle (President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Leicester, UK), Board member Professor Jean Chambaz (President, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France), together with Secretary General Lesley Wilson. Former EUA Board Member Professor Stefano Palerari (former President, University of Bergamo, Italy) was also present; he contributed a position paper entitled ‘Analysing the policies to increase graduate population: Do tuition fees matter?’ as input to the ‘discussion table’ on universities and economic development.

Participants addressed the role of higher education in fostering sustainable development and making the concept of global citizenship a reality, the relationship between higher education, democracy and social mobility and aspects of universities’ contribution to social and economic development. More information on the event, including four ‘position papers’ on these topics can be found on the website of the Italian rectors’ conference.

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