FCAPP’s International "Economy and Society" Award, 5th edition

08 May 2020

The Centesimus Annus- Pro Pontifice Foundation (FCAPP) organises the 5th edition of the International "Economy and Society" Award to promote knowledge of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church.

The award consists of:

  • a prize worth 20,000 euros for publications in economic and social fields, issued after 2015. The prize-winning work must be distinguished by its original contribution towards explaining, developing or applying the Church's social doctrine in today’s context, be rigorous and of notable quality.
  • a prize awarding two scholarships to young researchers of no more than 35 years of age. The awards are worth 10,000 and 20,000 euros, and the applicants must have, commencing with the 2021/2022 academic year, attended advanced specialisation courses and / or research courses at Universities, Higher Education Institutions or Schools in the study and application of new models of socio-economic development which, in line with the principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church, are inclusive, supportive and sustainable.

The deadline for both the book publication and the scholarships is 30 September 2020, with allocations taking place in 2021.

Projects in French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Polish will be considered.

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