Friends of the ERC’s petition to protect independent research in the EU budget

23 April 2020

Friends of the ERC, an initiative in support of the European Research Council (ERC), launched a petition to call upon the Heads of States and Governments, to secure funding for the ERC in Horizon Europe, the next European framework programme for Research and Innovation.

The petition is structured in two parts:

  1. Open letter to the EU Presidents
    In an open letter to the EU presidents, Friends of the ERC calls upon the EU Presidents and the Heads of States and Governments in Europe to secure funding for the  European Research Council in the new, long-term EU budget. Professors, Nobel laureates and University leaders from eight different countries are among the 19 signatories of the open letter.
  1. Petition for support
    Before sending the letter, Friends of the ERC launched a petition to gather support, which has over 1450 signatures from all over Europe. You are invited to sign it.


The open letter will be sent after the petition is closed to:

  • The President of The European Council, Charles Michel
  • The President of The European Parliament, David Maria Sassoli
  • The President of The European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen
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