Resources for digital learning and teaching during the coronavirus pandemic

23 April 2020

As more than 90% of the world’s students are now at home, digital learning has taken centre stage around the world. Many institutions are posting ideas and good practices via social media in order to share their experiences and to provide support to others. Major global organisations are also offering support.

UNESCO has a dedicated webpage giving an overview of the situation. It offers information about the impact of the crisis on the sector, as well as news on dedicated topics like digital learning, discussing both obstacles and ideas. In particular, UNESCO also has a page offering a long list of solutions, including resources on many issues linked to digital learning such as different management systems, tools for teachers, psychological support and more.

The European Commission is also active providing information and resources regarding online learning during the coronavirus pandemic. It features a selection of online resources and tools for learners, teachers and educators.

An overview of resources provided by institutions experienced in online learning and teaching is available on the website of the European Association for Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU). The organisation and several of its members share their “resources banks”, providing a vast choice, also from resources gathered from other organisations and institutions.  

Educause, as US-based organisation that brings together IT leaders and professionals in higher education, is providing general links on the crisis, and specifically on learning and teaching (scroll down on the page).

EUA is actively sharing different resources and practices via social media. More can be seen at @euatweets and #UniversitiesAtHome

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