Final outcomes of Erasmus+ project AR-Net

13 May 2020

Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, published three final outcomes of the Erasmus+ project AR-Net, which focuses on further improving recognition in Europe, for instance by exploring portability of recognition decisions.

The publications are:

  • The European Recognition Manual for Higher Education Institutions: This manual offers admission officers, academics and any other actors in higher education institutions practical recommendations on how to deal with recognition of foreign qualifications.
  • Portability of recognition statements in the EHEA: This study explores the extent to which information provided in recognition statements from one country can be accepted by competent authorities of another and contribute to automatic recognition of information.
  • The Triangle of Automatic Recognition: De facto automatic recognition of foreign qualifications, one of the 4 automatic recognition models in the EHEA, is fairly easy to implement. This publication offers ENIC-NARICs and other competent authorities’ practical insights and guidelines on how to set up this model.

In addition, the STREAM good practice and training platform, which is the outcome of the “Streamlining Institutional Recognition: a Training Platform for Admissions Officers” project, has been updated as part of the AR-Net project. It is accessible for all admissions officers and others interested how to practice recognition following the Lisbon Recognition Convention principles.

EUA has participated in both projects and encourages its members to further disseminate their outcomes. The upcoming “Spotlight on recognition” (SPOT) project, coordinated by EUA and involving Nuffic as a project partner, will further build on them.

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