European science organisations call on leaders to address Trump and global science

10 February 2017

Some 40 major European organisations involved in science, including EUA, have issued an open letter to European governments and the presidents of the EU Council and Commission asking them to uphold the principles and values that underpin scientific progress and to work with the US administration to maintain a global science system based on these principles.

The letter expresses concern about the impact of the ongoing policy reorientation under President Donald Trump, in particular the recent executive order on travel affecting people from seven Muslim-majority countries; indications that government scientists might be affected by new policy limiting their communication and requiring permission to publish; the unwarranted credibility to views not based on facts in areas such as climate science or the safety of vaccines.

These are at odds with the principles of transparency, open communication, mobility of scholars and scientists, which are vital to scientific progress and to the benefit of societies, economies and cultures.

More information is available on the Euroscience website

On 30 January 2017, EUA also issued a statement on US President Trump's executive order on travel. 

Universities wishing to support EUA’s statement can write to or connect with the Association through social media.

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