Special EU summit: EUA calls for ambitious funding for Horizon Europe and Erasmus+

17 February 2020

European Council President Charles Michel called a special European Summit on 20 February to discuss the Multiannual Financial Framework. The negotiations of this seven-year budget are down to the wire and will determine the future of key programmes like Horizon Europe and Erasmus+.

EUA President Michael Murphy addressed the presidents of the European Parliament, Commission and Council on the occasion in a letter written on behalf of the more than 800 universities in the Association’s membership. He appeals for the necessary financial resources to be allocated to Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ as the EU’s ambitions deserve more than a reshuffling of resources between programmes.

“European citizens want action on climate change and the energy challenge. They want social protection and economic growth,” writes Michael Murphy. “The European Union’s next budget must be bold in addressing these issues; the roles of research and education must be central as they are at the centre of addressing our challenges in a smart and sustainable way.”

EUA has been driving a long-term advocacy campaign calling for more funding for education, research and education. It has also joined with key partners and hundreds of universities and partners, calling for ambitious investments in the EU programmes in the next seven-year EU budget.

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