EUA calls for efficient and flexible implementation of Horizon Europe

02 December 2019

EUA has issued a statement on the future Model Grant Agreement that is under preparation as part of the Horizon Europe implementation process.

To ensure major simplification and to mitigate the risk of errors, the Association is calling for a new Model Grant Agreement that builds on a broader acceptance of national and institutional accounting practices and a diversified set of reporting and auditing models accommodating beneficiaries’ varied needs.

Calculation of personnel costs is one of the most crucial aspects for project management in Horizon Europe. EUA and EARTO, which has also released its policy statement today, are both calling for continuity with the personnel costs methods and options of Horizon 2020 rules. The reporting of personnel costs based on hourly rates should be retained in Horizon Europe as the most familiar approach to beneficiaries (i.e. researchers, research administrators and accountants) and auditors. EUA strongly believes that the closest alignment to national and institutional accounting practices mitigates the risk of errors and therefore contributes to a more effective implementation of Horizon Europe.

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