Database of External Quality Assurance Results: thousands of reports, new search options

16 October 2019

The Database of External Quality Assurance Results (DEQAR) has grown significantly since its launch in May 2018 and now contains more than 40 000 reports on higher education programmes and institutions in the European Higher Education Area. A new public interface was also unveiled earlier in October, which offers a range of filter options, making it easier to search by decision, cross border review, status and report language.

DEQAR not only collects the reports and decisions by quality assurance agencies, but helps users to understand their context by providing information on national quality assurance frameworks. This makes DEQAR a valuable source of information for a range of stakeholders, as explained in this short video.

Feedback from higher education institutions indicates that the database is particularly valued as a “one-stop shop” for information about the status of foreign institutions for the purposes of decision-making for recognition and international partnerships. The role that easy access to external quality assurance results plays in facilitating smooth and efficient recognition processes was discussed in more detail in a webinar earlier this year.

The information contained in DEQAR can also be exported for research purposes, as demonstrated by a pilot study, conducted by the University of Ghent. The study explores how quality assurance agencies translate the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) into their own criteria when conducting institutional audits. This, and a second pilot study, will be presented at the European Quality Assurance Forum, taking place in Berlin on 21-23 November 2019.


DEQAR is produced and maintained by the European Register for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (EQAR). EUA is a partner in the Erasmus+ funded project that developed DEQAR. Further information about the project is available here.

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