Turkey: new round of dismissals in administration affects academics

10 July 2018

EUA has expressed its concerns several times regarding the measures taken in Turkey since the attempted coup in July 2016 and continues to monitor the evolution of the political situation and its impact on the higher education sector.

On Sunday 8 July, two weeks after the re-election of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on 24 June, a further 18632 Turkish state employees were dismissed due to alleged links with terror organisations and acts against national security. The army and police forces are particularly affected by the decree, but the Turkish Official Journal also lists around 200 academics and 50 higher education administrators. It also refers to the closure of a newspaper and several non-governmental organisations, some of whom are active in education and science.

EUA is concerned by the continued and grave pressures exerted on university autonomy and academic freedom in Turkey. The Association calls on the government of President Erdoğan to respect these internationally recognised principles and expresses its support for the Turkish higher education community.

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