European Commission announces solution for Erasmus students threatened by Brexit

31 January 2019

On 30 January 2019, the European Commission proposed that Erasmus+ students currently in the UK be allowed to continue their studies after the Brexit deadline. This would also be the case for UK Erasmus+ students on exchange. The proposal regarding UK students holds the condition that the UK honour its financial commitments for the current Multiannual Financial Framework.

This long-awaited proposal should provide some relief for approximately 20 000 Erasmus+ students on both sides of the channel whose fate has been so far unclear. Before this proposal, a no-deal Brexit on 29 March would have meant the premature end of their study stays abroad, with challenges for individuals, universities and national administrations. Students would have been obliged to return on short notice to their home countries and institutions, and apart from potential financial and organisational challenges, there would also have been a risk of non-recognition of the study stay.  

While the implementation it is still to be determined, EUA welcomes the willingness of the European Commission to find pragmatic solutions to such pressing challenges, and urges the Council and the European Parliament to adopt the proposal as soon as possible. More broadly, EUA encourages the European Commission and the UK government to find pragmatic solutions for the students. This should also consider third country students, who are currently in the UK on international credit mobility.

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